Dog in Stroller

The Best Dog Strollers

A dog stroller serves many purposes – from carting around your tiny Chihuahua who is unable to walk a couple of miles to giving your elderly pooch a scenic tour around your neighborhood. The best dog strollers come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, and offer a range of functions, depending on what […]

Dachshund on a dog ramp next to a bed

The Best Dog Ramps for Beds

Dog ramps for beds let small, elderly, or (ahem) lazy dogs easily get onto your bed or other furniture. These ramps can make life easier for you both and protect your dog’s joints and connective tissue from high-impact activities. Dog ramps, especially lightweight models, can be moved to let your dog on the couch or […]

Woman carrying a Jack Russell Terrier in a backpack

The Best Dog Backpack Carriers

When you have a pup that loves to be near you at all times, a dog backpack may be the best product you can buy. Though some “back” packs can be worn in the front as well, your dog primarily be on your back, giving them a good view of the world. When your dog […]

Veterinarian pets dog in owner's lap at veterinarian's office

Pet Insurance 101: Everything You Need To Know about Pet Health Insurance (from a Vet)

Pet insurance may make the difference between a life-saving operation or saying goodbye to your best friend. Is pet insurance right for your family? What is Pet Insurance? You have car insurance and insurance for your home or apartment, right? Pet insurance falls right in line. We always hope we never have to make a […]

Puppy receiving IV treatment for parvo

Parvovirus in Dogs: A Vet’s Guide for Puppy Owners

Parvovirus is a highly contagious disease that can be deadly without treatment. Vaccines to protect your puppy are very safe and effective. Know how to protect your puppy from this fatal yet easily preventable disease. – Erica Tramuta-Drobnis, VMD, MPH, CPH You just got a new puppy. Now what? You want to provide your puppy […]

Golden Retriever Dog Bed

The Best Dog Beds for Golden Retrievers

The perfect dog bed for a Golden Retriever is one that provides the best night’s sleep. While your Golden won’t roll out of bed with bloodshot eyes looking for their cup of coffee if their bed isn’t up to snuff, you can tell when they’re not sleeping comfortably. If they’re constantly moving, trying to get […]

Different Dog Breeds

What Breed is My Dog? 4 Ways to Identify a Dog’s Breed

Many pet parents that have adopted their dog or have a mixed breed dog often wonder what breed or breeds the dog consists of. Others begin to wonder when they receive questions from friends or family members, and they don’t know the answer. As a result, many pet parents will research ways to identify a […]

Cat Bed

The Best Cat Beds

Cat beds provide a comfortable place for your feline friend to sleep. Although your cat might like to sleep in all kinds of weird and wonderful spots, such as directly on top of the tote bag you just put down on the kitchen table, on your laptop keyboard and in the gap on your bookshelf, […]

Dog Asleep in Bed

The Best Waterproof Dog Beds

Whether you want a waterproof dog bed that’s suitable for use in the yard or on camping trips or one that will keep the interior clean in the cases of incontinence or excessive drooling, you’ll find options out there to suit you and your pet. These beds come in a range of shapes, sizes and […]