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The Best Cat Beds (2024 Reviews)

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Cat beds provide a comfortable place for your feline friend to sleep. Although your cat might like to sleep in all kinds of weird and wonderful spots, such as directly on top of the tote bag you just put down on the kitchen table, on your laptop keyboard and in the gap on your bookshelf, it’s still good for them to have a dedicated bed for when the urge strikes to snooze somewhere sensible.

Our vet advisor, Dr. Danielle Morosco, selected the best cat beds using her expert knowledge as a veterinarian to get to the bottom of what cats want and need. She chose the Best Friends by Sheri Ilan Microfiber Fur Cuddle Cup as the top pick thanks to its premium construction and high walls that offer head and neck support. Read how she chose the top 5.

Our Vet’s Top Pick

Best Friends by Sheri Ilan Microfiber Fur Cuddle Cup

This cozy, well-made bed is perfect for cats who curl up when they sleep.
Our Vet’s Top 5 Cat Beds

Here are the top picks from our veterinarian. Compare the ratings and key features of the different models.

Vet’s Picks Model Rating Self-Warming Machine Washable Material
Best Overall Best Friends by Sheri Ilan Microfiber Fur Cuddle Cup 4.5 Polyester, AirLOFT fibers
Best Budget Pet Craft Supply Soho Round Pet Bed 4.5 Faux fur, memory foam
Best Heated Bed K&H Pet Products Heated Thermo-Kitty Fashion Splash Cat Bed 4.6 Polyester
Best Enclosed Bed Bedsure Cat Cave 4.5 Microfiber
Best Elevated Bed Junspow Cat Hammock Bed 4.4 Metal frame, mesh bed

*Ratings are on a scale of 1 to 5 and based on reviews, feedback, and opinions of actual customers

Who Should Buy a Cat Bed

  • People whose cats don’t have beds – If your cat doesn’t already have a bed, you should buy them one. It’s that simple.
  • Owners of cats who don’t like their current beds – Perhaps your cat already has a bed that they ignore and refuse to sleep on. In this case, consider buying a different type of bed for your cat. For instance, if they don’t sleep on a standard cup style bed, they might like a heated bed or an elevated bed instead.
  • Pet parents with multiple cats – When you have more than one cat, you should have one bed for each cat plus at least one extra bed. This can help prevent territorial struggles!

Who Should Not Buy a Cat Bed

  • Anyone who doesn’t have a cat – Don’t have a cat? Then you almost definitely don’t need a cat bed.
  • Cat parents who already have plenty of cat beds – There’s no point buying extra beds for the sake of it when you already have all your cat needs.
  • Owners of cats who refuse to sleep on any type of bed – If you’ve tried every type of cat bed you’ve come across and your feline friend still prefers to sleep on the arm of your couch or behind your TV, you should probably just let them get on with it.

Research Tips (from a Veterinarian)

As a veterinarian, I often get asked how to choose the best cat bed by my clients. Here are some tips to consider when purchasing a bed for your cat.

  1. Avoid non-washable fabrics – Your cat’s bed will get dirty and smelly over time, so you’ll thank yourself for choosing a bed that’s machine washable.
  2. Consider any mobility issues your cat may have – For senior cats with mobility issues, choose a lower-profile bed that doesn’t have a steep step to get into. For cats with advanced mobility issues, a flat crate pad may be a better option.
  3. Choose the proper sized bed based on your cat’s weight – Some beds are better suited for smaller kitties, so be sure to check the recommended size based on your cat’s weight and measurements.
  4. Think about bed placement – Consider where the bed will be placed (perhaps your cat has a favorite sunny place to lay) and measure the space to ensure the chosen bed will fit.
  5. Pay attention to materials – Choose soft, high-quality fabrics with plenty of padding to prevent any joint discomfort.

How Much Do They Cost?

Between $15 and $70

Most cat beds cost between $15 and $70. The more elaborate the bed, the more it will cost. Expect to pay more for covered beds, elevated beds and heated beds than you would for simple mats and cup beds.

Our Methodology: Why Trust Pets Digest

As a veterinarian, I know all about keeping pets happy and healthy and have spoken to many pet owners and colleagues in the veterinary profession about the best cat beds. However, I’ve also been a cat owner for more than 30 years, so I can make recommendations based on personal experience. For instance, I know that most cats prefer open beds to covered beds, but there certainly are cats out there who love to hide away! – Dr. Danielle Morosco

The Best Cat Beds: Full Reviews

Our Vet’s Top Pick

Best Friends by Sheri Ilan Microfiber Fur Cuddle Cup

This cozy, well-made bed is perfect for cats who curl up when they sleep.

The Best Friends by Sheri Ilan Microfiber Fur Cuddle Cup is the ideal bed for cats who like to snuggle up when they sleep. The raised sides provide support for the head and neck, while the fleecy interior is warm and cozy, something few cats can resist.

You can choose the standard size for cats up to 12 pounds or the jumbo size for larger cats. It comes in five colors: wheat, tide pool, rose, gray, and buttercup.

  • Made from premium materials that hold shape over time
  • Plush interior with self-warming properties
  • Machine washable
  • The larger size is a little too big for most cats
  • Could do with a little more padding in the base
Best Budget

Pet Craft Supply Soho Round Pet Bed

The memory foam base is comfortable and supportive.

If you’re looking for an affordable pet bed that still provides all the comfort and support your cat needs, the Pet Craft Supply Soho Round Pet Bed is a great choice. The shredded memory foam base is ideal for senior cats and can help reduce joint pain.

It’s just the right size for an average cat and has a high-sided design that’s perfect for kitties who like to snooze curled up. You have a choice of two colors: brown or gray. Since it’s machine washable, it’s also easy to keep clean.

  • Made from ultra-soft plush material
  • Memory foam for extra padding and comfort
  • Self-warming properties
  • Only available in one size and slightly small for larger cats
  • Loses shape over time
Best Heated

K&H Pet Products Heated Thermo-Kitty Fashion Splash Cat Bed

With an internal heating mechanism, this bed is great for warmth-seeking cats.

If your cat is always finding the warmest places to sleep, such as above the radiator or on top of the dryer, consider buying K&H Pet Products Heated Thermo-Kitty Fashion Splash Cat Bed. It comes in a small 18-inch round version that uses 4 watts and a larger 16 by 22-inch oval version that uses 7 watts, so while it isn’t power-hungry it can still provide gentle warmth for your feline friend.

The cover is removable and machine washable, so keeping it clean isn’t an issue. You can also remove the heated pad to keep using the bed without heat in warmer months.

  • Low profile design for ease-of-entry for senior kitties
  • Safety tested & certified by MET Labs
  • Remains in eco-mode until your cat sits or lies on it.
  • Costs significantly more than non-heated beds
  • Some buyers don’t think it produces enough heat
Best Enclosed

Bedsure Cat Cave

A tent-style cat bed that’s great for nervous kitties who like their own space.

Looking for an enclosed cat bed your feline friend can hide away in? The Bedsure Cat Cave is a great choice. If your cat is forever hiding under sofas or in closets, they should love this style of bed. It has a plush cushioned pillow inside, which is machine washable for ease of cleaning.

You can choose from a small 15 by 15 inch model or a larger 19 by 19 inch version, the smaller of which is great for petite cats and the bigger of which works for chunkier kitties.

  • Non-slip base is great for hard floors
  • You can easily fold the top down to form an open bed if preferred
  • The inner pad is machine washable
  • Could be more durable
  • Some cats simply don’t like enclosed beds
Best Elevated

Junspow Cat Hammock Bed

This lightweight elevated bed is ideal for warm weather use.

The Junspow Cat Hammock Bed consists of a mesh sleeping area suspended from a metal frame. This design makes it well-ventilated from all angles, so it’s perfect for hot days, but it’s also a good choice for cats who prefer hammock style beds over standard beds.

The mesh sleeping area dries extremely quickly, so you can easily spot clean it or spray it down with a hose if it gets dirty. You have a choice of two colors: pink or gray.

  • Made from breathable, lightweight fabric
  • Most cats love the bucket design
  • It can be used both inside or outside the home
  • It requires some basic assembly
  • While the mesh part is technically machine washable, you’ll need to disassemble the bed to remove it

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of beds do cats like?

Most cats prefer open beds to enclosed beds but it really depends on the preferences of the cat. Some like flat pads or mats, others cup or bucket beds with raised sides, and others prefer elevated beds and hammocks. You may need to try a few styles before you find one your cat loves.

Do cats require a bed?

As all cat caregivers will know, cats can sleep almost anywhere. Although cats often spurn their beds in favor of more unusual sleeping spots, you should still have a bed for your cat for those times they want to use it.

Do cats like hard or soft beds?

Although cats will sleep on hard surfaces, they generally prefer relatively soft beds. That said, a cat bed shouldn’t be so soft that it offers no support.

How can I get my cat to use their bed?

If your cat won’t use their bed, try luring them onto it with treats and then rewarding them with more treats and praise if they stay there. However, if your cat really doesn’t want to use the bed, you shouldn’t force them to.